Friday, April 12, 2013

Wolfteam Multihack - hack,tool,cheat > free download

Wolf Revolution + Fly + Return + Callsing + Mode
Version 18.04.2012 by C0lo ( cosuroca )
Hack working!!

The trainer is 100% hotkey, you just need to know to correctly use hotkeys to have the hacks that are delivered in this release.

Change Mode

Deathmatch: you're spawning in icehold

EX-conquets: activate the hack in the loby ; guardian have 850 lp

PD: activate the hack in the lobbie

Ctrl + 1 -> DeathMatch
Ctrl + 2 -> ExCoquest
Ctrl + 3 -> IceHold
Ctrl + 4 -> WolfConquest
Ctrl + 5 -> Destruction
Ctrl + 6 -> Wolf Hunt
Ctrl + 0 -> Disabled All Mode Hack
Callsing (Change Name): The mode of use is prior to entering the server, and when I activate appears the box where it says to enter your users off.

Alt + A -> Enabled Callsing
Alt + D -> Disabled Callsing

Return at Base (Q): With the key (Q), then click again to oppress based to choose weapons and restores all your blood and does not count as death.

Alt + Q -> Return at base

Wolf: Enables the use of special wolves, use it on the right side of the room.

Alt + 1 -> Guardian Wolf
Alt + 2 -> Smart Wolf
Alt + 3 -> Berserker Wolf
Alt + 4 -> Ice Wolf
Alt + 5 -> Psycho Wolf
Alt + 0 -> Disabled All Wolf

Special WOLFS Revolution:

Shift + 1 -> Wolf1
Shift + 2 -> Wolf2
Shift + 3 -> Wolf3
Shift + 4 -> Wolf4
Shift + 5 -> Wolf5
Shift + 6 -> Wolf6
Shift + 7 -> Wolf7
Shift + 0 -> Disabled All Wolf

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